Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weight loosing formula : Loose weight in just 1 month

How to loose weight very easily : 5-7 Kgs within a month

Loosing 5-7 kgs of weight is just a dream for all fatty people accross all over the globe. People used to have unhygienic food with no daily routine makes their body fatty and untidy. In this article you will get the way how you can rewind your life and become the same as you used to be earlier. A very good and perfect
body is a dream for everyone but to make this dream come true you have to follow all the key points given in this article.

Consume heavy amount of water daily
Water is the only thing which will help you to loose your weight in a short interval of time. Water helps the body for metabolism means it removes toxic waste from your body and makes your body fit and fine. Water is very much essential for the human beings to survive on earth. Suppose if your daily intake of water is 5 liters then make it at least 10 liters per day, this will help your body to remove excess fat from your body.

Lemon juice consumption  : A magical way to remove fat within few days.
 Lemon is a citrus fruit we all know but it also helps your body to absorb excess sugar from your body, which is the main reason for weight gain. There are many advantages of having lemons. The main benefits of lemons are it improves the digestion of the body, improves the acidity of the stomach and also helps in making a good immunity power.

Avoid having oily and fast foods
Oily and fast food items are the basic but the main reason to become bulky in size. Consumption of heavy amount of oily food will bring some exceptions with there taste. Oily food contains fat and fat is the root of getting a body with bulky in size. Fishes, crispy food items , crab and also fast food items like burger,
 pizzas are having more amount of fat so if you consume these food items and does not allow your body to recover from the fatty cell it created in the body then you will surely make your body giant.

So it will be better to consume less oily food items and prefer to have only green vegetables and citrus fruits.

Regular exercise is necessary to avoid un-necessary fat gain
Gyms are meant for the purpose of getting a good personality. Somebody prefer to go to gym to gain some weight, some used to go to gym for making a thin body and some people go to gym to make a muscular body. It depends upon the exercises and also the time of workout. If you want to remove your excess fat from body then you have to tell your instructor that you just wanted to remove my excess fat from body, he will guide you accordingly.

Start doing exercise till your become totally tired and your clothes become too wet. To remove fat in heavy amount exercise is the main thing for that.Sweating and continuous exercise with burn your fat and you will start getting a good body within a short interval of time.

These are the main things you should do to make your body fit and fine. I am not telling these are the only ways to become thin or loose your extra weight but these are the main things that will help you to remain and maintain a good personality. I am having a very good  personal experience with lemon to loose weight, according to me this is the world's best way to loose weight in just 1 month.


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