Saturday, December 24, 2011

Recover lost mobile phone without IMEI no.

Find Stolen mobile Phone with the Help of Police cops if IMEI no. is not known

If you lost your mobile phone and for any reason this mobile can also be used for some unrealastic work by some third party then you will be responsible for this. The best way to procure your self is to follow below points.

1. Go to the nearest police station and make an FIR regarding the same.

2. Take a copy of FIR report and take it with you.

3. Then go to your service provider they will stop the service of your SIM card.

4. Your service provider will issue a duplicate SIM with your same number.

5. Police will contact your service provider and try to trace your mobile phone ( They will search a copy of your bill and get your IMEI no. easily)

6. Within a few weeks if another simcard will be inserted in your mobile phone, then the location of your mobile will be traced easily.

7. Just don't be in a hurry. You will get your mobile phone easily.


Darlingsush said...

its easy to say,i lost my nokia e63,i used my same number from last 2years in same mobile ,as i dont hv iem no.,even after file complain,they havent done anythng this police says that it takes time its been 20 days yet they hv nt received any conformation from idea.
please help me cos it contains lots of my personal thngs

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