Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to remove pimples red spots within 2 weeks : Natural way to remove pimples

Natural effective remedy to remove pimples in just few weeks

Pimples are the most irritating part of almost all the teenagers life. Pimples are the swollen reddish part of the skin which usually occurs due to heavy consumption of oily items such as fast foods and less intake of water.

In the initial periods of the pimples occuring on your face, most of  the people used to press them with their fingers and make the swollen part minimized. But according to me this is the most dangerous thing to do on your face.If you touch or press your pimples effected skin then they will leave dark spots or even small small pits on your face permanently.

This is my own story of pimples healing, I was also having pimples from the last 1 year and I tried almost everything but I got only failure.I have tried almost everything like different medicines, pills, drugs, lotions
e.t.c. I was very disturb due to my pimple problem.

One day one of my friend told me a natural therapy to remove pimples but I just refused him because he was a very pranky guy but after  some days I went to his house then his sister told me the same so I decided to try this method of healing pimples within few days.I started following her instructions, and now after 2 weeks I can see the change of my own, my pimples almost disappeared.

This is the most working remedy for removing pimples. Now all  of you might be thinking what is the remedy to remove pimples?  I am talking about. Here is a the full remedy to cure your skin from pimples.

Almond and milk paste to cure your skin from pimples

1. Take an almond and rub it on a rough surface alng with small amount of milk  in it to make a smooth paste.

2. Now apply this paste on your full face along with your neck.

3. After half an hour later rinse your face with cold water.

4. Repeat this process for atleast a week.

5. You will get a fair skin surely within few days which is free of pimples.

Now enjoy your pimple free life. Never to have oily food too much otherwise all our therapy will be of no use. So it is better to start having green vegetables and enjoy your teenager life.


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