Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top advantages of water consumption : Importance of water

Top 10 benefits of water consumption
Water is the vital resource which is need on earth to make human live. Without water life is not possible on any planet. There is also many importance of water in the human body. Human body consists of approx. 70% of water. Not only for human beings, water is necessary for all the living items.If you start consuming water in huge amount then you will get many benefits from it like.

Water helps in metabolism of body
Water helps with the metabolism of the body, it helps to remove all the toxic waste from the body in the form of urine and makes human health better.

Blood consists of 80% of water.
We all know what is the function of blood, as it carries oxygen and circulates the fresh oxygen to all the body organs with an ease. Blood also contain approx 80% of water, so water is also a constituent of Blood.

Water as body temperature regulator
Water regulates the human body temperature, suppose you are in very cold ares then water regulates the body inner temperature so that none of your body organ will be damaged.

Water as a beauty regulator
Water is also called a beauty regulator as it makes your skin free from all skin problems and make it glow like a diamond. This all thing is possible just because of water. Water makes your skin fresh and healthy. so water is having a countless importance in human life.

All the body parts of human body contains water in proportion like brain composed of approx 90% of water, heart contains 85% of water.


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