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Best Books to get success in NDA 2012 Exam : Crack NDA Exam 2012
Search your Book of NDA to crack the exam : 100% success is guaranteed 

There are many books available on the internet to crack NDA exam 2012 but many of them are having very hard to understandable syllabus so it will be very difficult of the candidates to give their 100% after reading from those books.

I am also a 21 years old guy, I also tried for NDA, I cleared the written exam twice but failed in the SSB interview. But this is the golden opportunity for you to crack NDA exam 2012.

NDA 2012 exam is a very competitive exam and lakhs of students appear per year in this NDA exam. Many of you might have searched in Google how to clear NDA 2012 exam ? Or How to crack NDA exam 2012. This is human nature everyone wants to pass in the NDA exam but if you really wanted to pass in the exam I prefer you to read below books.

In this website you can download many other NDA books but according to me these two are the best to crack NDA Exam 2012.  I used these two books and I cleared NDA exam twice.

How to order best  NDA Books from Flipcart

1. Search the book for NDA 2012 exam in the search bar available on the top of this article. or Click on the Books that I recommended for you.

2.  Fill all the necessary details.

3. You will get a confirmation mail in your email id.

4. Just click on that with your correct address.

5. Select payment mode as CASH ON DELIVERY, no need to pay in advance. When you will get your Book just pay the courier service

6. You will get your Books within 3 days.

How to apply for NDA 2012 Exam: Apply in NDA 2012 examination online

How to apply for NDA 2012 Exam
There are two ways to apply in NDA 2012 examination.  Going in NDA is a dream of every body but to get succeed in the NDA exam you have to really work hard.  NDA exam held twice a year in 42 different centres of India.

1. Simple application form : A simple application form means you can get the NDA application form from your nearest stationary or book stall. To fill the application form you will need to read the instructions carefully otherwise your application form will be cancelled by the team of selection comity.
You can also download your NDA application form from the official website of NDA or  you can also download NDA application form from this  blog.

2. Online application form for NDA Exam 2012 : You can also apply for NDA 2012 online, to apply online for NDA exam follow below points.

  • Go to the official website of UPSC
  • There is a link" apply online for NDA exam 2012", you will be redirected to the online application form  by clicking on the link
  • Fill all the information carefully in the online application form.
  • After checking all the information once click on preview button to see all your information is correctly spelled or not.
  • If you get some mistake then edit it and again click on preview.
  • If everything is correct and up to the mark then click on submit.
  • You will be redirected to the second part of the online application for NDA 2012.
  • Here you will have to pay the Rs 50/- fee to the UPSC 
  • You can pay by your atm card or any other way like internet banking, cash card and credit card.
  • After finishing your second part of the online application for NDA 2012, you will be redirected to your application form.
  • Just download it and save your enrollment no.
online applications for NDA Exam 2012(Part I and II) can be submitted between 31st December, 2011 to 30th January, 2012

Documents to send if you are applying online for NDA 2012 exam
No documents needed at the time of written exam, but you will need your original certificates at the time of SSB interview.

What is the last date of NDA application form for 2012?
Last date of the application form of NDA  to be submit online is 30 Jan'2011'

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Centres of Examination of National Defence Academy &Naval Academy Examination (I), 2012

How to change NDA examination centre 2012 exam
There are almost 42 centres of NDA exam 2012. According to the latest information from UPSC candidates can appeal if the centre allotted to him is not according to the centres he requested. There will be very less chances of re-allotting a new centre. If you have got your NDA centre different from the requested centre, then you can send a letter to the UPSC controller office. In normal case your request will be rejected  but there are some chances of changement of prescribed centres.
Centres of Examination of National Defence Academy &Naval Academy  Examination (I), 2012

Below are the centres of examination of National Defence Academy 2012
  •   PANAJI (GOA)

  •  KOCHI 
  •  DELHI 
  •  MUMBAI 
  •  NAGPUR 

Best Acne treatments : Specially meant for teens

Cure your pimples with Acne treatments

There is huge demand for effective Acne treatments due to the large number of people who are diagnosed with Acne disease. Most of these people who are usually teenagers require these treatments to withstand all kinds of acne they might suffer from. Adults also suffer from acne even though they might not get pleasing results after trying different kinds of medications.

Knowing the primary cause of acne will pave way to find the most effective acne treatments. Young people usually try different skin care products to experiment which unfortunately ends up having an adverse effect to their skin. Notably, acne is caused by hormonal changes in the human body. Our bodies usually secrete excessive oil which is due to the hormonal changes in our bodies that occur during puberty. Acne is caused when this excessive oil traps dirt and moisture.

The most important thing to note here is that Acne treatments depend to a greater extent on the degree of the acne. Acne can be mild, moderate or even more dangerous it might advance to severe if not taken care of earlier. It is very essential for anyone to know exactly what they are looking for to have the best treatment of acne. However, one needs to consult dermatologist to decisively establish the cause of the acne before coming on a decision on what kind of treatment to use.

A good examination at the market will reveal there are a lot of products claiming that they can treat acne effectively. Sorry to say, some of these products are bogus and you need to be vigil enough to spot them and don’t waste your hard-earned money trying them. It is advisable to consult your doctor to find out the best acne treatments. This treatment should be suited for your type of acne.

Most of the well-reputed acne treatments come in the form of acne cream and acne gel. They are known to carry less risk as compared to other kinds of treatments. It is more advisable to use them before deciding to use the more advanced acne treatments like acne antibiotics and acne laser treatment. It is widely recognized that the best treatments for acne have Natural acne treatments e.g. Burdock Root and Tea Tree oil which are gentle to the skin.

There are alternative acne treatments which a patient is required to follow a daily routine. One of the daily tasks involved is to keep the skin oil-free by cleaning deep into the skin. Another way to make sure your skin becomes acne free; you will need to adjust your diet a little. The skin is the most important organ of the body and therefore you need to take good care of it to avoid experiencing health issues on your skin like acne.

It is evident that acne treatments are being sought by many teenagers all over the world. However, as acne comes in different shapes and sizes also treatments for acne come in different types. For effective treatments of acne, make sure to choose the products that are properly tested and proven.

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