Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick way to remove hair fall problem

How to remove hairfall : A quick way to stop hair fall

Hair fall is the daily problem of almost all the people across all over the countries. Hair fall starts due to many reasons in your daily routine. Suppose you are a young guy/ girl and you loves to change your hairstyle on weekly basis then the main thing which effected mainly is your life of your own hairs. The main thing what you need to stop your hair fall is a proper guidelines.

My personal experience with hairfall

I am a young boy of 20 yrs. I used to styleup my hair almost 7 times a month. Due to continuously change and frequent disturbance in the hair style, the inner strength of my hairs starts falling. When I noticed the change in my hair growth I was very worried. All the time I starts thinking what to do, how to remove hair fall. I searched a lot in all the search engines but maximum of times I got the treatments very costly and sometimes natural therapy which doesn't work for me. I was completelt lost. I tried many conditioners, oils and many renowned products to remove hair fall but all these things come to an end when I saw no result after using them for more over a month.

One day when I went to my village, my grandma told be to use a natural therapy to remove hair fall, I thought again a new therapy. She was very confident about that therapy so I started following that natural therapy to remove my hair fall. And after 2 months I can see the difference in my hairs, now when I comb my hairs there is only few hairs fall, previously it was a huge group of hairs on my dressing table when I start combing my hairs. Now I am free from hair fall and fell very confident to write about this natural therapy.

 Remove hair fall therapy free of cost : Stop your hairfall

Curd and Amla oil therapy to cure hair fall

As we all know Gooseberry ( Amla ) is a vital  source of Vitamin 'C' and curd is used to treat  to stop dandruff in hair. But if we make a combination of both the two vital products then we can get a un-beatable therapy to remove hair fall. Lets see how to make this therapy.

1. Take 10-12 Amla or Gooseberry and take out the fresh juice from it.

2. Now take the curd in 1 cup and mix gently with the fresh Gooseberry or Amla juice.

3. Leave this mixture for almost 2 hours and gently put this mixture on the roots of your hairs.

4. After completing the roots of hair, move to other part of the hairs and gently apply this paste.

5. Wash your hairs with cold water after 2 hours of treating your hair with mixture.

6. Now nver comb your wet hairs, let them dry in the sunlight.

7. After your hairs become dry then gently apply Gooseberry or Amla oil available in your local market.

8. Try to use this therapy for atleast once a week then you can see the difference. Best of luck to try this therapy. If you still having any doubt about this hair fall removing therapy then leave a comment below I will surely give you answer as soon as I will get time.


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