Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Remove Dandruff : 5 steps to Remove Dandruff

How to Remove Dandruff : Best way to remove your Dandruff in few days

How to Remove Dandruff is a very tough question to answer, but there are some companies in the market that claims that their product can answer this typical question How to Remove Dandruff. Dandruff  is a very irritating part of our life, we all just hate dandruff but it is also a truth that if we cant avoid Dandruff. There are almost thousands of remedies and treatments available on the internet on a very unsolved question How to Remove Dandruff. According to me there is no one in this world who are willing to experience this terrible problem of Dandruff. How to Remove Dandruff is not going to make you mad, I am providing many ways from which you can cure this problem of getting  Dandruff.

The best treatment to remove dandruff is a very simple natural therapy, Aloe vera. If you are  having a small plant of Aloe Vera then only you can answer How to Remove Dandruff from your hairs. Aloe Vera plant having many useful properties and removing Dandruff from hair is one of them. Aloe Vera plant is having big leaves, having a transparent gel. This Aloe Vera gel is very essential to remove dandruff, let talk about the Aloe vera therapy How to Remove Dandruff. Take Aloe Vera gel is a small cup and gently rub it in your hair and also rub it in your scalp,  then wait for atleast 2 hours to rinse it with cold water. Continue this method for atleast once a week then you can see the change and with this therapy you can also improve the quality of your hair.

Highlights of the method to remove Dandruff

1. Take Aloe vera gel in a cup.

2. Massage well on your scalp[ roots of your hair]

3. Rinse off your hair after 2 hours of putting Aloe vera.

4. Don't use any shampoo on the same day of using Aloe Vera gel.

5. Everything done now, wait for atleast 1 month and note the note the growth and reduction in the dandruff.


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wav!thnks 4 givng dis valubl infrmtn ! really its one f d typcl chalgng prblm nw! i wl try!

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