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Chikni Chameli song Lyrics : Latest item song of Katrina Kaif

Chikni Chameli Item song lyrics from Agneepath movie 

Agneepath movie is the latest movie of the two famous bollywood celebrities Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan, this movie is a sequence of old movie Agneepath.   To make this movie hit the director, Karan Johar also added a item song of Katrina Kaif in Agneepath. This is the second time in the Bollywood when Katrina Kaif is performing item song. 

Katrina Kaif as Sheela Ki Jawani was a tremendously hit song and now this time Chikni Chameli. Lets see what will be Katrina Kaif hottest item song.

Movie : Agneepath
Singer : Shreya Ghoshal

Bichhu re ye naina, badi zeher le li aankh maare
Kamsin kamariya saali ik thumke se lakh maare

Bichhu re ye naina, badi zeher le li aankh maare
Kamsin kamariya saali ik thumke se lakh maare
Note hazaaron ke, khulla chhutta karaane aayi
Husn ki teelli se beedi-chillam jalaane aayi

Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa chadha ke aayi (x4)

Jungle mein aaj mangal karungi main
Bhookhe sheron se khelungi main
Makkhan jaisi hatheli pe angaare le lungi main
Haaye! gehre paani ki machhli hoon Raja
Ghaat Ghaat dariya mein ghoomi hoon main
Teri nazro ki leharo se haar ke doobi hoon main
Hoye jaanleva jalwa hai
Dekhne mein halwa hai
Hoye jaanleva jalwa hai
Dekhne mein halwa hai
Pyaar se paros doongi toot le zaraa

Yeh toh trailer hai porri fillam dikhane aayi
Husn ki teelli se beedi-chillam jalaane aayi

Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa chadha ke aayi (x4)

Banjar basti mein aayi hai masti
Aisa namkeen chehra tera
Meri neeyat pe chehke chhote na hai rang gehra tera
Joban ye mera crazy hai raja
Saare pardo ko kaatungi main
Shaame meri akeli hai sang tere baatungi main
Haaye! baat mein ishaara hai
Jisme khel saara hai
Haaye! baat mein ishaara hai
Jisme khel saara hai
Tod ke tijoriyon ko loot le zara
Choom ke zakhmo mein thoda malham lagaane aayi
Husn ki teelli se beedi-chillam jalaane aa.yi
Aayi Chikni..chikni...aayi
Aayi Chikni..chikni...
Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa chadha ke aayi 

Biography of Shreya Ghoshal : Real Biography of the Bollywood Singer Shreya Ghoshal


Biography of Shreya Ghoshal is widely searched on internet but the  information available there are not accurate.[Some of them may be correct] but in this website you will get the Real Biography of Shreya 
Ghoshal. Here you will get many information related to Shreya Ghoshal's Life, Childhood memorizes and her career in the Bollywood.

 Shreya Ghoshal nic name : Piu

 Shreya Ghoshal Father's name : Biswajeet Ghoshal

 Mother's name of Shreya Ghoshal : Mrs Biswajeet Ghoshal

Religion of Shreya Ghoshal : Hindu

Date of Birth of Shreya Ghoshal : 12 March '1984'

Present age of Shreya Ghoshal on 31st January'2011' : 27 Years 7 months

Height of Shreya Ghoshal : 5ft4 inches

Boyfriend of Shreya Ghoshal : Not revealed yet.

Mobile number of Shreya Ghoshal : Personal information cannot be revealed in public.

Facebook profile of Shreya Ghoshal : Profile of Shreya Ghoshal

Occupation of Shreya Ghoshal : Playback Singer [Bollywood]

First HIT song of Shreya Ghoshal in Bollywood : Bairi Piya from Devdas

Latest song of Shreya Ghoshal : Chikni Chameli from the movie Agnipath [ Katrina and Hrithik]

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Lyrics of the Why This Kolaveri De Song : Dhanush Kolaveri Song meaning

 Singer of the  Why This Kolaveri De Song : Dhanush
Composer of the  Why This Kolaveri De Song : Anirudh

Why This Kolaveri De Song is just a thrashing hit song of the year.  Why This Kolaveri De Song already broken several records of the Bollywood songs, this song is having almost 3,77,534 fans on you tube and views and fans are increasing continuously.

This famous song is sung by a Tamil actor Dhanush for the movie '3'.  Dhanush married the daughter of Rajnikanth and also this movie '3'  also directed by his wife Mrs Aishwarya.

Lets tune with the song  Why This Kolaveri De Song.

 Why This Kolaveri De Song Lyrics

oh boys, im singing song 
soup song
flop song

why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri..di

distance la moon-u moon-u 
moon-u color-u white-u
white background night-u nigth-u
night-u color-u black-u

why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

white skin girl-u girl-u
girl-u heart-u black-u
eyes eyes meet-u meet-u
my future dark
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

maama notes eduthuko
apdiye kaila sax eduthuko

super maama ready
ready 1 2 3 4

wat a change over maama
ok maama now tune change-u

kaila glass
only english.. 

hand la glass
glass la scotch
eyes fulla tear-u
empty life
girl come 
life reverse gear-u
love love 
oh my love
you show to me pov
cow cow holy cow
i want u here now
god i m dying now
she is happy how

this song pass to boys
we dont have choice

why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

How to Shutdown your computer/ Laptop within 3 seconds : 3 fastest way to shutdown your computer

How to Shutdown your computer? This is a simple question and almost everybody knows about it. There are several methods to shutdown your computer like Go to Start and then Click on shutdown. This is the oldest and the slowest method  to Shutdown your computer. Now the trend has changed now you can Shutdown is just fraction of seconds  and this will be safe Shutdown if you have closed all your programs.

How to Shutdown your Computer : 5 steps to Shutdown PC in just 3 seconds

1. Close all your running programs by just clicking on the 'X' button or press Alt+F4 continuously to close all programs.[Safest way to Shutdown in seconds]

2. Open task manager by clicking right on the task bar[Blue line on which start button is available]

3. Then Go to Shut down near windows. Click on that.

4. Some options will come like standby, turn off , restart and switch user.

5. Now keep pressing CTRL button the click on Turn off.. Your computer will be switched off within seconds.



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How to Remove Dandruff : 5 steps to Remove Dandruff

How to Remove Dandruff : Best way to remove your Dandruff in few days

How to Remove Dandruff is a very tough question to answer, but there are some companies in the market that claims that their product can answer this typical question How to Remove Dandruff. Dandruff  is a very irritating part of our life, we all just hate dandruff but it is also a truth that if we cant avoid Dandruff. There are almost thousands of remedies and treatments available on the internet on a very unsolved question How to Remove Dandruff. According to me there is no one in this world who are willing to experience this terrible problem of Dandruff. How to Remove Dandruff is not going to make you mad, I am providing many ways from which you can cure this problem of getting  Dandruff.

The best treatment to remove dandruff is a very simple natural therapy, Aloe vera. If you are  having a small plant of Aloe Vera then only you can answer How to Remove Dandruff from your hairs. Aloe Vera plant having many useful properties and removing Dandruff from hair is one of them. Aloe Vera plant is having big leaves, having a transparent gel. This Aloe Vera gel is very essential to remove dandruff, let talk about the Aloe vera therapy How to Remove Dandruff. Take Aloe Vera gel is a small cup and gently rub it in your hair and also rub it in your scalp,  then wait for atleast 2 hours to rinse it with cold water. Continue this method for atleast once a week then you can see the change and with this therapy you can also improve the quality of your hair.

Highlights of the method to remove Dandruff

1. Take Aloe vera gel in a cup.

2. Massage well on your scalp[ roots of your hair]

3. Rinse off your hair after 2 hours of putting Aloe vera.

4. Don't use any shampoo on the same day of using Aloe Vera gel.

5. Everything done now, wait for atleast 1 month and note the note the growth and reduction in the dandruff.

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Top 5 steps to successfully trace your lost or stolen mobile : Recover your Lost mobile

How to recover stolen | lost | missing mobile phone with 5 simple steps

If you lost your new mobile and you wanted to know who have stolen your mobile phone, then there is an very good opportinity available on the internet. This is a simple way to get your stolen mobile phone back.

1. Search your mobile bill papers and look for the entity IMEI no.

2. IMEI is also available on the new handset cover or you can also manually check it via pressing *#06#

3. Now open your Gmail account and then go to compose mail.

4. Send a mail to regarding your stolen/ lost mobile.

5. All enclose your details like  date of purchasing of the mobile, dealer address, your name, date of missing etc. You will be informed by mail if the successfully recovered your mobile.

This is the simplest method to recover a stolen or lost mobile phone. My 3-4 friend tried this method but got success in only 2 times. So getting your lost mobile back also depends upon your destiny.

Steps should be taken after purchasing a new mobile phone

1. Buy your mobile phone from an authorized dealer.

2. Make a copy of your original bill and make it in safe place.

3. Write down the IMEI number of your mobile phone by pressing *#06#

4. Install spy application programs on your mobile device, so that in
    case your mobile get stolen then you will get the mobile back to you.

Website to trace your Lost mobile : Search your Lost mobile in just 5 simple ways

There are many sites which claim that they find stolen mobile phone, most of them are not more than just a scam. When I lost my mobile phone  6 months back I tried many of these sites but all time failed to recover my stolen mobile phone then one of my friend suggested me a website for recovering my lost mobile phone
trackimei is the name of that powerful site.

This website is really a good one, I got information of my mobile phone easily.

How to recover lost mobile with the help of a spy website

1. Go to the site

2. If you lost your mobile, then first click on Report theft link available on the top of the page.

3. After filling all the details in the website give some time to the website to track your lost mobile.

4. Within a short span of time, you can check the status of your lost mobile from the same site.

5. You have to just fill the IMEI no. of your lost mobile phone and all the details will be shown on your computer screen if the website successfully traced your mobile.

What things I will need to recover my lost mobile phone

1. IMEI no. of the lost mobile phone.
2. Bill number of your mobile phone.
3. Dealer address. from where you have purchased the mobile.
4. Color, brand and purchased from which place of your mobile is very much important to fill the Report theft from the website.

How mobile trackers works?

Mobile tracker is totally based on the common internet phenomenon that with the help of GPRS and GPS satellite any GPS enables mobile can be traced means its location can be easily recoved.

When GPS enabled function starts it sends some frequency on the satellite and if the IMEI no. is matched with the lost IMEI no. then he/ she can be easily traced.

If you still having doubt regarding this mobile tracing website then let me know. I will try my level best to help you out as soon as I can.

How to recover lost | Stolen mobile phone : Quickest way to recover your lost mobile

Recover stolen mobile phone from IMEI no.

Recovering a mobile phone from a thief, its really a tough job to do because technology is now getting advance and advance. There will be a possibility that your mobile phone which is stolen by someone has changed your IMEI no.

IMEI no. is basically stands for International mobile equipment identity, every mobile is having its unique IMEI number. If you buy a new mobile and just wanted to check the IMEI no. of that phone then just dial *#06# from any mobile, you will get your unique IMEI no. on the screen.

In this article I am going to give you some usuall but powerful ways to recover your mobile phone.

STEP 1 : If you buy a new mobile phone just dial *#06# and note down your IMEI number on a safe place. [ if for any reason you will not get your IMEI no. on the screen then check your mobile bill it should also be written there.]

STEP 2 : IMEI no. is usually of 15 digits.

STEP 3 : Submit this lost number mobile phone's IMEI no. to your service provider.

STEP 4: Also give then a copy of your FIR report.

STEP 5: They will track your mobile with their official tracking softwares and you will easily get your mobile back.

Tips and Tricks to recover your stolen mobile phone

1. If you are not having your IMEI no. and lost your bill also, then go to your mobile shop and tell them to issue a duplicate bill.

2. To get IMEI number on your mobile screen just check a bit is your mobile is switched on.

List of best service providers in India

Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, BSNL, Idea, Virgin, Vodafone, uninor and MTS. These are the some good service providers in India.

How to recover | Find stolen mobile phone using IMEI no.

How To Find or Recover Stolen Mobile Phone using IMEI no.

If you went to market and Lost your mobile phone, then what will be your next step after loosing your mobile phone ?

1. You will try to find your mobile phone in the market.
2. Tell your parents that you have given your mobile to your      friend.
3. You will fill an FIR form in the nearest police station.

The answer of this question depends upon the mentality of the people, according to me if I loose my mobile some where then my first step will be that I will contact my service provider ( like Airtel, Aircel, Docomo, Bsnl etc) and told them to jerk my mobile no. and allot me a duplicate no., then I will go to the nearest police station and inform the police or cops about the misfortune and make an FIR regarding the same.

There are various methods from which you  can easily find your stolen mobile phone

1. Find stolen mobile phone with the help of Police.
2. Recover stolen mobile phone with your IMEI number.
3. Find your lost mobile with the help of various tracking websites available on the internet.
4. Use spy softwares/ applications in your mobile phone to recover mobile after it get stolen.
5. Recover stolen mobile phone via internet patrol.

All the ways of recovering of lost mobile phone are taken from other internet sources so which method will work for you depends upon your destiny. I recovered my lost mobile phone via method no. 2 i.e Recover stolen mobile phone with the help of IMEI no.

Recover lost mobile phone without IMEI no.

Find Stolen mobile Phone with the Help of Police cops if IMEI no. is not known

If you lost your mobile phone and for any reason this mobile can also be used for some unrealastic work by some third party then you will be responsible for this. The best way to procure your self is to follow below points.

1. Go to the nearest police station and make an FIR regarding the same.

2. Take a copy of FIR report and take it with you.

3. Then go to your service provider they will stop the service of your SIM card.

4. Your service provider will issue a duplicate SIM with your same number.

5. Police will contact your service provider and try to trace your mobile phone ( They will search a copy of your bill and get your IMEI no. easily)

6. Within a few weeks if another simcard will be inserted in your mobile phone, then the location of your mobile will be traced easily.

7. Just don't be in a hurry. You will get your mobile phone easily.

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Quick way to remove hair fall problem

How to remove hairfall : A quick way to stop hair fall

Hair fall is the daily problem of almost all the people across all over the countries. Hair fall starts due to many reasons in your daily routine. Suppose you are a young guy/ girl and you loves to change your hairstyle on weekly basis then the main thing which effected mainly is your life of your own hairs. The main thing what you need to stop your hair fall is a proper guidelines.

My personal experience with hairfall

I am a young boy of 20 yrs. I used to styleup my hair almost 7 times a month. Due to continuously change and frequent disturbance in the hair style, the inner strength of my hairs starts falling. When I noticed the change in my hair growth I was very worried. All the time I starts thinking what to do, how to remove hair fall. I searched a lot in all the search engines but maximum of times I got the treatments very costly and sometimes natural therapy which doesn't work for me. I was completelt lost. I tried many conditioners, oils and many renowned products to remove hair fall but all these things come to an end when I saw no result after using them for more over a month.

One day when I went to my village, my grandma told be to use a natural therapy to remove hair fall, I thought again a new therapy. She was very confident about that therapy so I started following that natural therapy to remove my hair fall. And after 2 months I can see the difference in my hairs, now when I comb my hairs there is only few hairs fall, previously it was a huge group of hairs on my dressing table when I start combing my hairs. Now I am free from hair fall and fell very confident to write about this natural therapy.

 Remove hair fall therapy free of cost : Stop your hairfall

Curd and Amla oil therapy to cure hair fall

As we all know Gooseberry ( Amla ) is a vital  source of Vitamin 'C' and curd is used to treat  to stop dandruff in hair. But if we make a combination of both the two vital products then we can get a un-beatable therapy to remove hair fall. Lets see how to make this therapy.

1. Take 10-12 Amla or Gooseberry and take out the fresh juice from it.

2. Now take the curd in 1 cup and mix gently with the fresh Gooseberry or Amla juice.

3. Leave this mixture for almost 2 hours and gently put this mixture on the roots of your hairs.

4. After completing the roots of hair, move to other part of the hairs and gently apply this paste.

5. Wash your hairs with cold water after 2 hours of treating your hair with mixture.

6. Now nver comb your wet hairs, let them dry in the sunlight.

7. After your hairs become dry then gently apply Gooseberry or Amla oil available in your local market.

8. Try to use this therapy for atleast once a week then you can see the difference. Best of luck to try this therapy. If you still having any doubt about this hair fall removing therapy then leave a comment below I will surely give you answer as soon as I will get time.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weight loosing formula : Loose weight in just 1 month

How to loose weight very easily : 5-7 Kgs within a month

Loosing 5-7 kgs of weight is just a dream for all fatty people accross all over the globe. People used to have unhygienic food with no daily routine makes their body fatty and untidy. In this article you will get the way how you can rewind your life and become the same as you used to be earlier. A very good and perfect
body is a dream for everyone but to make this dream come true you have to follow all the key points given in this article.

Consume heavy amount of water daily
Water is the only thing which will help you to loose your weight in a short interval of time. Water helps the body for metabolism means it removes toxic waste from your body and makes your body fit and fine. Water is very much essential for the human beings to survive on earth. Suppose if your daily intake of water is 5 liters then make it at least 10 liters per day, this will help your body to remove excess fat from your body.

Lemon juice consumption  : A magical way to remove fat within few days.
 Lemon is a citrus fruit we all know but it also helps your body to absorb excess sugar from your body, which is the main reason for weight gain. There are many advantages of having lemons. The main benefits of lemons are it improves the digestion of the body, improves the acidity of the stomach and also helps in making a good immunity power.

Avoid having oily and fast foods
Oily and fast food items are the basic but the main reason to become bulky in size. Consumption of heavy amount of oily food will bring some exceptions with there taste. Oily food contains fat and fat is the root of getting a body with bulky in size. Fishes, crispy food items , crab and also fast food items like burger,
 pizzas are having more amount of fat so if you consume these food items and does not allow your body to recover from the fatty cell it created in the body then you will surely make your body giant.

So it will be better to consume less oily food items and prefer to have only green vegetables and citrus fruits.

Regular exercise is necessary to avoid un-necessary fat gain
Gyms are meant for the purpose of getting a good personality. Somebody prefer to go to gym to gain some weight, some used to go to gym for making a thin body and some people go to gym to make a muscular body. It depends upon the exercises and also the time of workout. If you want to remove your excess fat from body then you have to tell your instructor that you just wanted to remove my excess fat from body, he will guide you accordingly.

Start doing exercise till your become totally tired and your clothes become too wet. To remove fat in heavy amount exercise is the main thing for that.Sweating and continuous exercise with burn your fat and you will start getting a good body within a short interval of time.

These are the main things you should do to make your body fit and fine. I am not telling these are the only ways to become thin or loose your extra weight but these are the main things that will help you to remain and maintain a good personality. I am having a very good  personal experience with lemon to loose weight, according to me this is the world's best way to loose weight in just 1 month.

How to loose weight in just 1 month : Best working way to loose weight

How to Loose weight in just 1 month : Personal experience with weight loosing

I am a young guy of 20 years old. After completing my 12th standards from CBSE board my parents forced me to start my career in Indian navy and I did the same. I filled my navy application form and sent it to naval office, after getting my call letter ( admit card ) for SSR navy I started my preparations, I brought my SSR navy book from flipcart and start preparing for the same for 2 hours daily.

On the examination day, there was a huge crowd of people who was going to appear in the SSR navy exam. I was totally lost after seeing such a huge crowd. After entering the center of the examination naval officers checked all the admit cards of the candidates who were going to face the written test. After all the formality work, finally I settled on my chair on which I was going  to face the written test. When I got the test paper, I t was a simple papers and I completed the written examination before time.

After 1 hour my result was going to be declared on the same day, I got my name qualified for the physical fitness test and I was completely ready for that. In the PFT( physical fitness test ) I would have to complete a race of 1600m ( 1.6 km) within 7 minutes, 10 push ups and 20 sit ups. I completed my race within that prescribed time and also qualified pushups and sit ups.Now I was qualified for the Medical test which was going to be held on the next day.

On the next day I went to the naval recruitment center where my medical test was going to held.Naval recruiters ordered us to remove all clothes from the body except the underwear, and we all did the same.

After giving all the medical tests like color vision test, hearing test and also the very important some confidential tests. I was declared temporary unfit due to three reasons heavy weight ( weight was 75kgs), flat foot and sweating in hand called hyper hydrosis. They gave 1 month time to all the candidates who were temporary unfit.

How I lost weight in just 1 month
One of my friend told me to control having heavy diets and start having at least 15 lemons a day. I started following the same, from day to night I started having lemons in huge amount. Sometimes lemon juice with honey, lemon with salad, lemon syrup. I was completely become mad to have only lemons. But you can't even imagine how much I loose, after checking on a weighing machine it was only 65 kgs within a single month. Lemon worked for me, it will be better to try lemon before any type of medicines.

Lemon makes me feel confident and now I am having 62 kgs of weigh with height 5'10 and I am not having hesitation to say I am a young boy with a very good personality.

Top advantages of water consumption : Importance of water

Top 10 benefits of water consumption
Water is the vital resource which is need on earth to make human live. Without water life is not possible on any planet. There is also many importance of water in the human body. Human body consists of approx. 70% of water. Not only for human beings, water is necessary for all the living items.If you start consuming water in huge amount then you will get many benefits from it like.

Water helps in metabolism of body
Water helps with the metabolism of the body, it helps to remove all the toxic waste from the body in the form of urine and makes human health better.

Blood consists of 80% of water.
We all know what is the function of blood, as it carries oxygen and circulates the fresh oxygen to all the body organs with an ease. Blood also contain approx 80% of water, so water is also a constituent of Blood.

Water as body temperature regulator
Water regulates the human body temperature, suppose you are in very cold ares then water regulates the body inner temperature so that none of your body organ will be damaged.

Water as a beauty regulator
Water is also called a beauty regulator as it makes your skin free from all skin problems and make it glow like a diamond. This all thing is possible just because of water. Water makes your skin fresh and healthy. so water is having a countless importance in human life.

All the body parts of human body contains water in proportion like brain composed of approx 90% of water, heart contains 85% of water.

How to remove pimples red spots within 2 weeks : Natural way to remove pimples

Natural effective remedy to remove pimples in just few weeks

Pimples are the most irritating part of almost all the teenagers life. Pimples are the swollen reddish part of the skin which usually occurs due to heavy consumption of oily items such as fast foods and less intake of water.

In the initial periods of the pimples occuring on your face, most of  the people used to press them with their fingers and make the swollen part minimized. But according to me this is the most dangerous thing to do on your face.If you touch or press your pimples effected skin then they will leave dark spots or even small small pits on your face permanently.

This is my own story of pimples healing, I was also having pimples from the last 1 year and I tried almost everything but I got only failure.I have tried almost everything like different medicines, pills, drugs, lotions
e.t.c. I was very disturb due to my pimple problem.

One day one of my friend told me a natural therapy to remove pimples but I just refused him because he was a very pranky guy but after  some days I went to his house then his sister told me the same so I decided to try this method of healing pimples within few days.I started following her instructions, and now after 2 weeks I can see the change of my own, my pimples almost disappeared.

This is the most working remedy for removing pimples. Now all  of you might be thinking what is the remedy to remove pimples?  I am talking about. Here is a the full remedy to cure your skin from pimples.

Almond and milk paste to cure your skin from pimples

1. Take an almond and rub it on a rough surface alng with small amount of milk  in it to make a smooth paste.

2. Now apply this paste on your full face along with your neck.

3. After half an hour later rinse your face with cold water.

4. Repeat this process for atleast a week.

5. You will get a fair skin surely within few days which is free of pimples.

Now enjoy your pimple free life. Never to have oily food too much otherwise all our therapy will be of no use. So it is better to start having green vegetables and enjoy your teenager life.

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